Vaiwatt  based TOKYO
KEN - Vo Guitar  TAMA - Bass Vo

Japanese rebels melting punk-pop and grunge into a Blade Runner technicolour fantasy –Kandy Pop for Jet Boys and Jet Girls, Love Missiles that Smell Like Teen Spirit!
(The Sunflower Lounge / Birmingham)

Vaiwatt has always held all forms of rock music from the 20th century with the utmost respect and deepest affection. Most of Vaiwatt’s songs come from Ken’s childhood innocence, where the purity of his mid and heart, good and evil, collide. Vaiwatt’s visual image is influenced by Manga rock, which is mixture of Kabuki makeup and Punk fashion, creating Japan's original unique rock style.
Vaiwatt was “born” in 2013, and made their first television appearance the following year at Japan's oldest rock festival: New Year World Rock Festival from 2014 to 2015. Since then, Ken has held many sold-out one-man live shows in Japan, and also actively held independent projects "napaJ興行", a fundraising event to benefit the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake, from 2014 to 2016; all proceeds from this three-year event were donated to "After-School/Collabo-schools" attended by children in the disaster-stricken areas. Currently, Part of the proceeds are going for relief to the recent earthquake stricken areas of Turkey, and Kumamoto and the Noto Peninsula areas in Japan.
In 2018, Vaiwatt found success when they performed for the first time overseas in Anaheim, California in America. Much to Vaiwatt’s surprise, two weeks after returning to Japan, they were approached to tour Russia. They performed at Russia's international music festival "White Night of Saint Petersburg 2018". More tours followed: Italy and Russia in 2019, Istanbul, Turkey in 2021, a second seven city Italian tour in 2022, and a UK Tour in 2023. They performed in various venues such as bars, clubs, mission schools, stadiums, and Comicon book conventions in these countries. Since 2021, In Shinjuku Tokyo, Vaiwatt has organized the international music festival "EDO WAVE", in Tokyo, bringing talent from around the world to Japan.

Dear fans and organizers, all outside Japan!
Hi there, Thank you for listening Vaiwatt's music! If there is even one person in your town who would like to come see "Vaiwatt Live-Show", we are willing to go to there, we think that!! Vaiwatt is waiting for your passion💌 Anytime!

ROCK Clown Born from the Remnants of Japan’s High Economic Growth 高度成長の残骸から生まれたROCK道化師
Commonly known as «PIERO-SAN (Handle with Care)», he loves John Lydon and Kurt Cobain, and admires David Bowie and old Japanese manga artists. He handles all the songwriting and composition himself. His creative activities are extremely exhausting as they are done in a trance-like state late at night. It seems that this often induces time travel.
The source of his expression lies within himself until the age of 7, which he guards as an absolute sanctuary. He mixes «Western music,» «Quantum Buddhist thought,» and «MANGA,» turning them into contemporary satire (or futuristic images).
His personality is very open, moody, and cynical! His «KEN IG STORYS,» which seem to peek into his brain, are nonsensical, and many people both domestically and internationally enjoy them. Lol
In his youth, he organized a punk event called «Tokyo Adult Children» for 10 years, causing a stir in Tokyo.
通称「ピエロさん (取扱注意)」は、John LydonとKurt Cobainを愛し、David Bowieと日本の古い漫画家を崇めています。作詞作曲の全てを担当。創作活動は深夜に天然トランス状態で行うため非常に疲弊する。また、その際にタイムトラベルを誘発する事もあるらしい。
彼の表現の源泉は7歳までの自分の中にあり、それを絶対聖域として守っている。そこに「西洋音楽」「量子仏教思想」「MANGA」をミックスし、現代風刺 (又は未来像) に落とし込むのが彼の表現手法。
オープンすぎる性格はとてもネアカ、気分屋でシニカル!そんな彼の脳を覗いた様な「KEN IG STORYS」は支離滅裂で、国内外の多くの人々が楽しんでます。

Japan’s Tough Lady! Dancing, Crew-Cut Four-String Girl 日本一のタフ! 踊る刈り上げ四弦女子
With a Mohawk-style crew-cut hairstyle for 17 years. Until she embarked on an overseas expedition with Vaiwatt, she had never left Japan.
The beginning of bassist TAMA was when she studied under KEN, who was retiring from music at the time. When she started playing bass, she learned not only technique but also about being an artist from KEN in a strict manner. Furthermore, due to her punk spirit, she was not allowed to use expensive instruments and used an 8000 yen «Aria Pro Bass» she found at a used goods store. The tracks «Yellow Goblins» and «Czech Ringo» were recorded with the Aria Pro Bass.
Therefore, during the early days of the band (the predecessor band of Vaiwatt), she declined all invitations to events from KEN’s music connections, paid high performance fees (quotas), and trained in live houses without relying on anyone. Thanks to her relentless efforts, Vaiwatt was officially formed in 2013! After that, as per their biography. 
They have been speeding down the ROCK road to this day. Since 2022, she has been appointed as the representative of EDO WAVE.
そんなベーシストTAMAの始まりは、当時、音楽を引退していたKENに師事することからでした。ベースをはじめた頃は奏法だけでなく、表現者としてのあり方についてKENから厳しく教わっていた。また、PUNK精神を磨くため、高価な楽器は許されず、ディスカウントショップにあった8000円のアリアプロを使用していた。楽曲の「Yellow Goblins」と「Czech Ringo」はアリアプロでレコーディング。そのためバンド結成時の黎明期において、過去の音楽関係者からのイベント誘いは全て断り、高いノルマを払いながらライブハウス無頼修行した。
2022年より「EDO WAVE」代表に就任。

2013, 8.4 Released Indipendent 1st Album "Czech ringos".
2014-2015 "New Years World Rock festivel" (Fuji TV8ch), Appearance in 2 years in a row!
2014, 8.23-2017.8.26 Great East Japan Earthquake fund-raising (donation) event, Vaiwatt organized『napaJ興行』 
2017, 10.18 First nationwide release album "BEST"
2018, 6.8  Live in Anaheim California @Doll Hut
2018, 7.20-22 Live in Russia "White Nights of St.Petersburg 2018"
2019, 3.23-4.9 Italy〜Russia Tour 2019 (Padova-Pescara-L'Aquila-SPB-Moscow)
2019, 8 Live Album "It's Alive", released from Kafadan Kontak Records (Istanbul).
2021, 9.22 3rd Album "Seven Apples"
2021, 10.31 Live in Istanbul "Monster Mash Halloween Party"
2021, 11.21 Tokyo International Music Fes "EDO WAVE 2021"
2022, 9.30-10.14 Italy Tour (Pescara-L'aquila-Gioia del Colle-Massafra-Napoli-Bologna-Como)
2022, 11.6 Tokyo International Music Fes "EDO WAVE 2022"
2023, 7.6-7.8 UK Tour (Birmingham-Whitchurch-London)
2023, 8.31 Anniversary Memorial Live Show
2023, 11.26 Tokyo International Music Fes - EDO WAVE 2023

東日本大震災へ「¥318.584」を「被災地の放課後学校 コラボスクール」女川向学館と大槌臨学舎に寄与させて頂きました。
御恩ある地域、熊本地震 (2016)、Turkey–Syria earthquakes (2023)、能登半島地震 (2024)、へ「物資・義援金」を寄与させて頂きました。

Fender USA American Standard Telecaster Black
1968 Gibson SG Special Pelham Blue
 Telecaster - ゼッティちゃん
現在海外、日本移住後DEBUT! お楽しみに


Article from Overseas

Released in 2023, Dance Punk with Funny lyrics!
"Back to 90s!". This song was featured on various platforms in Japan and overseas.
Vaiwatt's first song which spits in the faces of both theJapan's National Right and Left political wings simultaneously! It must be the truest punk song of all time! (“Ringo” means “apple”) Take a big bite!
KEN shouts "Boringggg!!" in seven languages! Cyber Grunge song.
Beer! Chug it up! Beer! Pub rock. Digital rockabilly.
Released in 2022, this tune is a little light to find your wayin a decadent society.
This song is the theme song of the film festival in Napoli at "Japan Week".
Cover song of the classic French Club Hit "Ca Plane Pour Moi"! The chorus is a Vaiwatt original. Certified by the Plastic Bertrand FB-fan site.
With the very beautiful intro. Vaiwatt takes a bird's-eye view of Japan's decline from its high-growth period.